Why is Godrej Palm Retreat Noida Different from Other Luxury Homes in NCR?

Godrej Palm Retreat

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I have been through the latest news in real estate and it shows a positive trend of sales in NCR as per latest reports. In fact, there has been a 7% rise in real estate sales across India. Some factors that have contributed to such a trend and newly created trust amongst homebuyers are like the implementation of RERA, formation of a strong government and increased the interest of big developers in the realty sector. Godrej Properties is one name that I find innovating the real estate development in India with their well-planned offerings.

Luxury homes cater to a specific niche in India and when we talk about NCR, there are many people looking to invest in luxury homes.

I am always interested in recent launches in this category owing to my interest in real estate investment as I see it as an unparalleled way to generate a passive income source not only for your family but to the future generations as well. But since the past month, I was looking for a luxury home for self-use. Somewhere I and my family can enjoy a peaceful living away from where I presently live in the city. 

Godrej Palm Retreat

I went through many luxury housing projects, even paid visit to some of the sites myself. It was only yesterday that I actually got interested in a luxury home project which goes by the name of Godrej Palm Retreat and offers resort residences in Sector 150 Noida. I have been to some well-planned resort residences in India and I know the kind of quality living they can provide you.

I went deeper into details of the Palm Retreat by Godrej Properties which also offers many other residences within NCR. It is RERA approved so that fulfills the major concern every homebuyer like me would have. I was astonished that there are some really nice inclusions to these resort residences which have been planned by Hafeez Contractor, a  Padma Bhushan recipient. Some I would like to mention here are such as Floating Meditation Pavilion, Floating Restaurant, and Sunken Clubhouse. The major difference between these resort residences and other luxury homes in NCR is that they are a limited edition and few in number. Godrej Properties will obviously create them as a masterpiece to lure buyers in this category. I would say it is a very wise housing project theme planned by the developer. Something that attends to the needs of upper-middle-class buyers living in the city who are concerned to provide a better quality of living for their parents or family. Low-density projects will surely attract buyers like me.

I would highly recommend buyers and investors looking for property in NCR to go with Godrej Palm Retreat.

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